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There are a ton of great Mitzvah planning timelines out there for when you should book each of your vendors, but the thing is, they’re all just a little bit different. One says you should do X, 6 months out and another says you should do it 3 months out. Do those 3 months really make a difference? In my opinion, nope!

I’ve planned Mitzvahs in 5 months and I’ve planned them in 2 years. The tasks naturally space themselves out based on the amount of time that you have to plan. The main difference is that if you start early, you have the most vendor options.

Mitzvah planning tasks

I find the list below to be the most common Mitzvah planning tasks/vendors that must be hired. I’ve listed the tasks in the order that I recommend completing them.

  1. Make your guest list (You need to know how many people you’ll likely have. This affects everything!)
  2. Hire a Planner (The earlier I’m hired in the process, the more help I can provide!)
  3. Find your venue (They book fast during popular times of year)
  4. Select your MC/DJ (Entertainment will keep your party rolling along.)
  5. Find a Photographer/Videographer (These are the memories that you’ll cherish after the event is over)
  6. Decide on a Caterer (if your venue doesn’t have an in-house option)
  7. Figure out and hire someone for design/decor (this includes logos, lighting, rental items/furniture, centerpieces and print materials like invitations) or DIY
  8. Add in the fun stuff–novelties or extra entertainment (photobooths, green screens, games, roving magicians…)
  9. If you’ll be providing any sort of transportation for guests, reseverve busses, valet or parking.
  10. Put the finishing touches on your Candle lighting or Montage
  11. Final details (floor plans, production schedule/timeline, assigning seating, purchasing final odds and ends, and all of the things that your planner will make sure that you remember)

In Conclusion

Once you get started contacting and contracting your vendors, you will build momentum. Experienced vendors will help you through the process and make sure that your event is perfect!

Hiring a Mitzvah planner early will save you time and money in the long run. So don’t delay! Contact me today for a free consultation.

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