Bar and Bat Mitzvah Event Planning FAQ

Pop Color Events Bat Mitzvah Event Planner

How does this Mitzvah evening planning thing work? Why should I hire you? What do you do and what do I do?

Think of me as your event planning coach. Yes, you could do the whole process yourself, but I can save you time, money and sanity. The breakdown of what you do and what I do depends on the package and any add-ons that you select. As part of every package, there is a detailed planning timeline which makes it easy to know what you’ll do during the planning process.

Why do you have planning packages?

Here’s the thing. Most planners don’t let you know up front how much they charge. They’ll bring you in, size you up and charge you what they think you’ll pay or they’ll charge an hourly rate and send you a crazy bill right before your event. I don’t play that game. My rates start at $1,950 for Month of Coordination, $4,200 for Partial Planning and $7,200 for Full Service Planning. If you need more services than my packages include, we’ll create a custom package just for you. I offer a whole host of add-on services that save you time and stress. Let’s be honest, a stress-free party is priceless.

You sound like the answer to my event planning problems, what happens now?
  • Contact me to schedule a time to talk.
  • I’ll reach out within 24 hours to set a date and time to chat on the phone.
  • You’ll fill out a welcome form to let me know where you are in the process and any initial thoughts you may have about your event.
  • We’ll discuss your event, learn more about each other and talk about the services I provide.
  • You decide with your spouse or child (or just yourself!) that you want to work together and then let me know which services you’ll need.
  • I’ll send you a contract and once you send that back with 50% of your event fee…
  • We plan the most awesome party ever.
Can you get me discounts on the items I need for my event?

I don’t sell or offer discounts on stationery, kippot, gifts, etc. and here’s why… when planners do that, it’s often because they sell those items and get a cut. Yes, they’re giving you a 10% discount, but they’re also pocketing 10% on items that are marked up to begin with. Pinkie promise that everything I do is in your best interest. I love a good bargain and I shop around to get you the best price on the items you want for your event (usually even better prices than you’d get with that 10% “not-really-a-discount” discount).

Okay, so you can’t get me discounts, but you can get me great prices, right?

Oh, yes! Though you are not required to work with the vendors that I suggest, I have relationships with amazing vendors at different price points. These vendors have a vested interest in keeping me happy so I continue to bring business their way. I also want to make sure that it’s crystal clear that I never accept kickbacks or finder’s fees to work with specific vendors. If a vendor offers any sort of discount, I always pass that savings along to you, my client. I believe so strongly in this, that it’s even in my contract, so it’s completely legal and binding.

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