About Pop Color Events


Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Planner in Bethesda, MD


Our core values, NICE (Isn’t that a fun acronym?), set Pop Color Events apart from other Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah planners.

No BS, No stress – I tell it to you straight and am honest and forthright, in a nice way, of course! I help you keep perspective, keep calm and keep sane during the process.

Integrity – I hold my business and staff to the highest of standards. It means everything to me that you’ve trusted Pop Color Events with such a special moment in your family’s life. I take this responsibility very seriously and never want to do anything that will jeopardize your trust. To me, that means never accepting kickbacks or finder’s fees or selling you items at a markup to make a profit. If a vendor offers any sort of discount, I always pass that savings along to you, my client. I believe so strongly in this, that it’s even my contract, so it’s completely legal and binding.

Collaboration – I want you and your partner, spouse or Mitzvah child to be as involved in the planning as you would like to be. Early on, I ask approximately 162 bazillion questions to understand what you’re looking for, so I get it right from the get go. I listen to what you’re saying (and sometimes what you aren’t saying) to make sure that you have the event that you want. Of course, I offer thoughts and suggestions based on my years of experience throughout the planning, but I realize that it’s your event for your friends and family who you know best.

Expectations –  Here is what you can expect from me: I work every day to make sure we are progressing to your perfect Mitzvah event day.  I keep you updated and informed on the process.  I keep you honest on your “to-do’s”, too.  Hey, it’s a team effort!