6 Tips for a Great Mitzvah Candy Buffet

Candy buffets are all the range at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. After all, who doesn't love candy? Here are some helpful tips to do the candy buffet right. | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

Candy buffets are all the range at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. After all, who doesn’t love candy? But in order to do it right, especially if you’re going to DIY, here are some helpful tips.

#1 Rule of the candy buffet

The most important thing is to regulate when the candy is distributed. The correct timing is to open the display as the party is winding down, but not allow kids (or adults!) to take the candy until they are walking out the door. As in, once you have the candy, your parent has arrived to pick you up and you’re not going back into the party. Candy stampede is real.


There needs to be a dedicated adult who (wo)mans the candy buffet at all times to enforce the #1 Rule (above) and keep the area tidy. Once the candy is out, they do not leave! Depending on whether the candy buffet is DIY, done by your caterer or someone who you hired specifically to make it will depend on who that attendant is. As a planner, my staff and I have certainly womanned our share of candy buffets and it is something that I’m happy to do for my clients.

Keep it sanitary

If the candy is unwrapped, have tongs or scoopers for each bowl or container of candy. Depending on who makes the candy buffet will determine who provides the tongs or scoopers. Double check if you’re not sure. Your attendant will make sure that the kids use the scoopers (another great reason to have an attendant!).

Put the candy in something meant for food

Food grade bagstake out boxes or other small containers are all great options. The containers can be branded to your event with custom stickers or stamps. Note that the containers will get filled to the top, so if you want to go through less candy, have smaller containers.

Bar Mitzvah Candy Buffet with M&Ms | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs | Serving DC, MD & VA | Photo by Paired Images

Nuts + allergies

Read the ingredients if you know you have guests with serious allergies. More things than you’d think “may contain traces of nuts.” It’s tough, but there are lots of nut-free options. If you’re not sure, ask a parent of one of the kids with allergies. They will be THRILLED to point you in the right direction.

The look

Some candy buffets are only in the color of the event, whereas some include the Mitzvah child’s favorite types of candy. This is a personal preference thing, as the kids will just be excited to have candy to begin with. There is no need to drive yourself crazy hunting down the perfect shade of blue licorice!