Bar/Bat Mitzvah Welcome Speech

What to say in your welcome speech? Read on for points to hit in the welcome speech and advice for making it stand out from the rest. | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

Your friends and family have traveled from near and far to celebrate with you, so welcome them with open arms! Typically, after the cocktail hour the party itself will start with some sort of welcome speech from the hosts–you! But what to say? See below for some points to hit in your welcome speech and some advice for making it great.

Praise Your Child

First, and foremost, the reason why you’re gathered with all your special people is because of your child! They worked really hard and did amazing at their service. Tell them how proud you are not only of this accomplishment but also of who they are as a person. You can be as brief or as involved as you want and as your child feels comfortable with. The goal is to make them feel proud and not embarrassed!

Acknowledge Your Guests

Next, do the welcoming! People have traveled from near and far to celebrate with you. Shout out to some extra special people who traveled a great distance or have been especially important in your family’s life.

Thank the important people

Finally, give thanks! Did anyone help you prepare for the big day? Family, friends? Is the rabbi or tutor in attendance? Thank them publically for their role in this milestone.

Keep it relatively short

No one likes to sit through long, drawn-out speeches, especially hungry people! After all, this speech is probably one of the last things standing between your guests and their meal. So get your points together, have notes or a written speech and don’t ramble.

Make it personal

Is there a humorous anecdote, something that is “so your family”? Dad jokes? The fact that it rains on every special occasion? Grandpa brought his pitch pipe? You’re all ready to see Aunt Elaine bust a move? Now this the time to let this shine! Make it uniquely you.

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