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Covid-19 and Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah

The Covid-19 virus is obviously a hot topic of conversation within vendor circles! Most of us are taking a wait and see attitude while ensuring our onsite teams are healthy and practicing good hygiene. We all want our clients to be able to celebrate!

On the whole, venues are not planning on canceling any events unless they are required to close by their local or federal government (and at that point, no events would be happening anywhere!). Given the unique circumstances, vendors try to be as understanding as possible since this is outside of anyone’s control. Most vendors are taking their cues from clients and temples. In fact, I saw one vendor post that they would be at your event in a haz-mat suit if necessary!

As long as you have a reliable and trustworthy team of vendors, they will be there or would provide a suitable replacement in the event that they become sick. Small businesses like ours rely on happy clients and we will do everything we can to have your event go off without a hitch. If you are concerned, reach out to your vendors to address your specific concerns.

In the event of rescheduled Bar or Bat Mitzvah party due to the Covid-19 virus, most vendors would do our absolute best to make a rescheduled event as successful as the initially planned event. This would include helping you find a replacement if we happen to be booked on the date you wish to reschedule (for vendors who are the specific people contracted–MC, photographer or me). Again, this is a situation that is outside of anyone’s control and your vendors understand this!

My plan is to be at your event unless I happen to fall ill. In that case or in the case of a rescheduled event where I am already booked, I would introduce you to another one of my Lead Planners with whom I would share all of your event details. You would meet that planner prior to your event so you can build a relationship with her. I want you to feel comfortable and secure that no matter when your event is, it will be amazing.

As far as planning ahead for your specific event, you certainly may see some attrition from elderly guests. However, I believe that all of the important people will find a way to celebrate with you. Everyone truly wants your event to happen! There are also some best practices we can put in place like gloved servers at buffet stations, hand sanitizers in various locations and encouraging social distance when possible. Speak with your vendors about how to limit the possibility of infection.

As long as it is feasible your event can happen Covid-19 or not!