How a Mitzvah Planner Should Work With Your Tween

A Mitzvah Planner will ensure your tween gets the special/fun/memorable Bar or Bat Mitzvah that mom and dad want for them. | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VAI hear parents say all the time “I want my event to be special/fun/memorable for my child” or “I want my event to reflect my child’s interests/personality.” I love that! However, this can be a tall order. How do you make sure your tween is happy during the Bar or Bat Mitzvah planning process and that they ultimately get the special/fun/memorable event that everyone wants for them?

As a Mitzvah planner, I find it really important to have a great relationship with the Mitzvah tween (and their parents too!).

Here’s how Pop Color Events works with your tween:

1. Build rapport

I find out what your child likes and doesn’t like. I learn about their hobbies, after school activities, favorite foods and more. I listen, listen and listen again. I make the tween feel heard and build trust so they feel comfortable sharing their opinions with me when it’s really important.

2.  Find out what is important

Speaking of important, I find out what’s most important to them on their big day. Do they love to dance? Do they want to make sure that there are activities for their friends? Do they hate loud music? Is pizza a must-have food for them? Their important is different from mom or dad’s important, so I work to help balance the two.

3. Find out what they have and have not liked about other parties and Bar or Bat Mitzvahs that they have attended

Your child has probably attend a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or two and have ideas of what they liked and didn’t like. It’s important to hear both the positives and negatives from their perspective. Even if they haven’t yet attended a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, this can still be helpful to know.

4.  Ask for a few words that describe them/the event they want to have

This is where I’m able to drill down and find out what they really mean. Yes, they want to have a “fun” event, but what makes an event fun for them?

Why Pop Color Events love working with tweens and how I do it.

After spending five years as a Youth Director and many summers as a camp counselor, I love this part of the process. Tweens are at such a fun age where they have strong opinions but are still able to see a different perspective. As my time with a family grows, I really see tweens feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions with me. That’s one of the things that makes a great event!

Working with a Mitzvah Planner allows me to be the bad guy, instead of you. Tweens are much more likely to accept an answer from me of “we can’t do that” vs. from you. I also have the ability to help them see why something that mom or dad wants to do is a better option than what they want. Keeping the peace at home? Priceless!

Here’s what one of my Mitzvah moms had to say:

Brynne developed a great relationship with my son, both taking his ideas but also knowing when to steer him in a different direction.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with your tween!