Mitzvah Snow Scenarios

If you have a winter Mitzvah date, there's a lingering fear in the back of your mind. What if it snows? | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

If you have a winter Mitzvah date, there’s a lingering fear in the back of your mind. What if it snows? Over the next few weeks, we’ll talk winter weather, the exact steps to take if you need to reschedule your event, questions to ask your vendors in advance of a winter event and contingency plans you may want to have in place. Stay tuned!

Scenario 1: A little snow

Most snow situations will be just a few inches of snow and the event can (and should!) go on as planned. It can certainly be inconvenient and some guests will be unable to attend, but it will still be an amazing celebration. In this situation, check in with your venue to confirm their snow removal plan and that they will be ready to host. Then check with your vendors to confirm that they are prepared for this scenario–how are they getting to the venue, how much extra time do they plan for travel, how will their equipment be protected from the weather?  If you have a Mitzvah planner, they will likely handle this for you.

Funny story. I have a January birthday and it actually snowed on my Bat Mitzvah weekend. I was 13 then, so I don’t recall how much snow actually fell, but it was enough to make everyone nervous. We did have a few guests who couldn’t it make it, but everyone who was important to my family and me made it there. While there were a few empty chairs, all I remember was feeling like I was the most special person in the world.

Scenario 2: A lot of snow

First, it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself and have a brief (BRIEF!) pity party. Next, be in touch with your synagogue, venue and vendors to see what they recommend or if your synagogue or venue have decided to reschedule/close (this makes your decision for you!). If you have a Mitzvah planner, they can handle the vast majority of this communication.

While this is not ideal, I find that in these situations the best in people usually comes out. They understand that the weather is outside of your control and do their best to help you reschedule and have the same event at a later date. Your guests will understand and support you no matter what the outcome. They’ll do their best to attend on a different date.

The best time to reschedule is the Sunday after your event since your out of town guests will likely still be in town and Sundays are usually slower days for vendors. You’ll want to confirm that your exact vendors are available for the alternative date and if they aren’t, who they will be able to provide instead. In a few weeks, we’ll talk through the exact steps to take to reschedule.

Final Word

Safety first! Keep the safety of your guests and vendors first and foremost. If there is a state of emergency and you are being warned to stay off the roads, reschedule your event. Event planners and vendors can only do what’s safe and physically possible, none of us can control the weather!

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