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What kind of Bar or Bat Mitzvah party do you want to have? A rocking dance party? A laid-back, mingling and chatting party? An intergenerational party where everyone is involved?

Who is the person who is going to make that a reality? YOU! That’s right. Not your entertainment, not your MC, not your event planner, not your venue. It’s the Bar or Bat Mitzvah tween, mom and dad, and siblings who set the tone for the party.

If you want your guests dancing, you need to be dancing. If you want guests to be mingling, make sure you introduce people to each other to get their conversations started. If you want to make sure everyone is enjoying the dessert buffet, make sure you are sampling the deliciousness (and hey, it’s your family’s big day, so you can probably skip the line!). If you want to make sure the kids are excited by the MC’s games, your child needs to be excited about the games and so on.

Your guests will sense your attitude towards your Mitzvah party and that will color their experience at your party. It also doesn’t hurt to tell a few trusted friends or family members what you’re hoping for. They can step in and help to create the experience you’re hoping to have.

And it goes the other way too–if you’re stressed and anxious, your guests will sense it. If you want to be cool, calm and collected, having month-of coordination is the peace of mind to know that you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your party.

Your family sets the tone for the party you want to have. Make sure you’re setting the right one!

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