What’s the Difference Between a Mitzvah DJ and MC

What's the difference between a Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ and MC? | Pop Color Events | Adding a pop of color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

There is a huge difference between a Mitzvah DJ and Mitzvah MC and I must admit that I use the two interchangeably when I probably shouldn’t. (New year’s resolution: do better at this!). Generally, when you get a package, you’re hiring both a DJ and an MC. Let’s go through the differences.

Mitzvah DJ

A Mitzvah DJ is your disc jockey, the expert in music. He or she should have a wide range of musical knowledge from the oldies that will get grandparents up and dancing to the newest and most hip music that the kids want to hear. Your DJ should know which songs will get people on the dance floor and the pacing of the music throughout the party. They are usually behind a table and rarely make it onto the dance floor.

Mitzvah MC

A Mitzvah MC is your master of ceremonies or the face of your party. He or she is leading the group throughout the party to keep everything on schedule. Your MC will be on the dance floor leading games, engaging with guests and keeping the energy up. They will work in conjunction with the DJ to make sure the right music is being played for each event happening through the night. They’ll make sure the right people are on the dance floor for the motzi, get everyone out of their seats for the hora and will simply bring the fun. Generally, your MC is the person who you’ll meet with ahead of time to go through special requests, your timeline and set expectations for the kind of party you’d like.

Why do I need both?

Simply stated, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a fast paced event with different age cohorts with different needs. In order for your party to go smoothly, dividing the responsibility of playing the music and engaging the crowd, allows for both the MC and the DJ to focus on their part of the party leading to a better party overall.

Don’t forget about dancers!

Depending on the number of kids you’ll have, anywhere between 1-4 dancers is appropriate. As a 12 or 13-year-old (heck, sometimes even as an adult!), it’s intimidating to get on an empty dance floor. Alongside your MC, dancers help to engage the kids, motivate them to dance and show them the latest dance moves. They make sure all of the kids are included, encourage them to get out of their seats and show them rules to games. If there’s an odd number of kids, they’ll be a partner in a game, so no one feels left out.