Can you discount your Mitzvah planning packages?

If I already have vendors contracted for my Bar or Bat Mitzvah, do you offer discounts on your Mitzvah planning packages? No and here's why. | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

I’ve been asked a few times by prospective clients who’ve already gotten started in the Mitzvah planning process and have a few vendors contracted if I’ll discount my Mitzvah planning packages for a full or partial plan. After careful consideration, I’ve decided that I cannot offer discounts and here’s why:

Most prospective clients have at least one vendor contracted already

By the time a prospective client reaches out to me most already have gotten started in the planning process. Often they’ve contracted with a venue or at least have an idea of where they’d like to have their event and a vendor or two that they’d like to use.

Recommending vendors is easy

In planning Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and meet a ton of talented, amazing vendors. When I recommend a vendor to you, I go through my mental rolodex to consider which vendor will be the right fit for your event. I send a few quick emails and I’m done. The tougher part is what comes next:

Coordinating vendors is time-consuming

Even if you have one or more of “the big three” vendors– venue, DJ and photographer –under control, I am still going to be working and coordinating with them throughout the process. I’ll need to review the contract you’ve already signed. Then I’ll spend time chatting with each vendor to ensure I understand what you’ve already agreed to and clear up any problems that you didn’t know to ask about. If I haven’t worked with a vendor already or they aren’t experienced in the Mitzvah scene, this can take a ton of time. Getting up to speed with a vendor can actually take me more time than recommending one in the first place!

You’ll still want vendor recommendations

If you’re looking for full or partial planning Mitzvah planning packages, you’re still going to need me to find other vendors for you. Likely you’ll need design assistance, invitations, decor, favors, novelties (photobooth, green screen or games), finishing touches (escort cards, sign in boards, logos…) and more.

In conclusion

All of these things take time and time is money! If we’ll be working together for months or years (rather than just 4-6 weeks prior to your event, like my Month of Package), many things can and will come up and you’ll want my advice. I need to be compensated for that, after all, I am running a business. So that’s why I can’t offer discounts to my packages if you already have vendors contracted. Hope it makes sense!

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