Mitzvah Timeline vs. Mitzvah Production Schedule

When you’re in the last 4 to 6 weeks or planning your mitzvah, everything should really be coming together nicely. It’s the time to consider your Mitzvah timeline and Mitzvah production schedule, who will create these and what should be included. What is the difference between a Mitzvah timeline and a Mitzvah production schedule and what are some things that need to be included?

Mitzvah Timeline

Your Mitzvah Timeline includes what is going to happen during your party. Generally this is something that your MC (in conjunction with your planner) will put together. It’s basically just an outline for your party and what your guests will experience.

Mitzvah Production Schedule

Production schedule is the big picture view of the entire day. It includes all of the information that your vendors will need to know to be successful at their job and the “behind the scenes” details that your vendors will need to take care of. Your planner should create this since they will be coordinating with your vendor team and will know what each vendor needs.

Questions to consider for your Mitzvah Timeline

  • Do you want cocktail hour to be a full hour or shorter/longer?
  • What sort of meal will you be serving? Plated? Buffets? Stations? When will each course go out?
  • Will you be introducing the Mitzvah child or their family?
  • Will there be a welcome speech? Toasts? A candle lighting? Blessings over wine and challah? Who will do each?
  • Will there be any special dances? A parent/child dance? Hora (if so, who is going up on chairs)?
  • Is there a montage? A speech from the guest of honor or their sibling?

Questions to consider for your Mitzvah Production Schedule

  • What time will each vendor arrive?
  • How long will it take for each vendor to set up? When does that set up need to happen?
  • What time will the event space be available for load in? What time do vendor need to be loaded out?
  • Will there be photos taken prior to the party?
  • What items need to be set up and when? Favors? A candy bar?


Each event is a little bit different and may need more or different information than listed above. Working with an experienced planner will help you to map out all of the contingencies and ensure a smooth, flawless event where your vendor team will know exactly what needs to happen and when.

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