Old Advice, New Advice: Numbering Mitzvah RSVP Cards

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Welcome to a new column on the blog, old advice, new advice. In this column we’ll share new ways to do old things for your event. First up, Mitzvah RSVP cards.

Old Advice

It has always been recommended that you number your guest list and place a corresponding number on a Mitzvah RSVP card, just in case your guest forgets to write their name on the card when they send it back. The old way to do it was to write the number lightly on the back of the card in pencil. But what if you decide to do postcards or simply hate the way it looks? Even if you try to be discreet with this, people still notice it and it still looks ugly on your beautiful invitation suite.

New Advice

Invisible Pens & UV Light allow you to write anything on your card anywhere and only you know where it is. You can still do the corresponding number thing or you could even write your guests’ names directly on the Mitzvah RSVP card. As you can see in the image below, the ink dries clear and then you shine a special light onto whatever you write if you need to see it. It’s completely invisible to your guests, so it keeps your invitation suite looking pristine.

A few pieces of advice

Make sure you are consistent in how you label the cards (names, numbers…) and where you label them. In case you need to use your special light, you’ll need to know what and where to look for your invisible label. Also, store the flashlight portion in a safe place that’s easy to remember. There will be quite a bit of lag time between sending out the invites and getting the response cards back, so you need to remember where you put the flashlight if you need it!

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