Questions To Ask Your Vendors About Your Winter Mitzvah

If you have a winter Mitzvah date, here are some questions to make sure your vendor team will be able to handle any possible snow scenarios. | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA
Hiring a team of professionals led by a Mitzvah event planner is the best way to ensure a flawless event, despite any winter weather challenges that may arise. If you have a winter Mitzvah date and are worried about snow, here are some great questions you can ask early in the process to make sure your vendor team will be able to handle any possible snow scenarios.


How many times have winter Mitzvah services been canceled or rescheduled due to weather?
How much notice would you give us if the service had to be canceled or rescheduled? Would our family and/or child’s partner’s family weigh in on the decision?

All Vendors

Have you dealt with events with inclement winter weather before? How did you handle it?
If the weather is bad, but we still have our event, how will you ensure that you arrive at our event on time?
Does your contract have a “Force Majeure”, “Act of God” or “Act of Weather/Inclement Weather” clause? May I see it?
What are you responsible for in case the event is canceled or rescheduled due to weather?


What is your snow removal plan? How long does it take your parking lot and sidewalks to be clear of snow and ice?
Do you have a backup generator in case the power goes out?


Will the guests in our room block be able to rebook without penalty and at the same rate if the date changes?

Final Thoughts

No one can control the weather, but you can make sure that you’ve asked the right questions to ensure your winter event is covered. Always double check that what you’ve discussed related to weather has made it into your vendor contract, just in case. Choosing the right vendors who can handle any winter weather challenge, will ensure an amazing party that goes off without a hitch even in the worst case scenario. And if any vendor gives you an answer other than “we will be there regardless of weather,” find another vendor. Your piece of mind in this situation is priceless.

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