Summer Bar or Bat Mitzvah Planning

How can you use your summer vacation effectively for Bar or Bat Mitzvah planning? Tips and tricks for Mitzvah event planning while the kids are at camp. | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

It’s finally summer, the kids are at camp and all of a sudden you have a ton of time on your hands. What’s a mom or dad to do? Get a ton of Bar or Bat Mitzvah planning items checked off your to do list, of course!

How can you best use your summer vacation for Bar or Bat Mitzvah planning?

Do Your Research

Start compiling lists of different venues, planners, DJs and photographer that you might be interested in. Ask friends (but be careful!), get recommendations on Facebook and search online.

Contact Venues or Vendors

Once you have some great candidates, reach out to them! Email or call around to see what or who are available on your date, get a sense of what types of vendors are available in your budget range and find the venues or vendors that you like. Because most Mitzvahs happen during the school year, July and August are slow for Mitzvah vendors. That means we have more time to chat with you about what you’re thinking and may be quicker to respond to your inquiry.


If you want your child to have the final say in selecting a venue or vendors, now is a great time to start to narrow down the choices for them. Too many choices are overwhelming to tweens (and sometimes parents too!), so give them 2-3 options max. Make sure you give them options that you’d be happy with too, so everybody wins.

Get Your Mitzvah Child’s Opinion

Before your child gets back from camp,  set up meetings for after your child gets back from camp. Give them a few days to get back to reality then have them visit venues or meet with vendors.

In Conclusion

Use your summer vacation for Mitzvah planning and by the time school starts, you’ll have checked a ton of things off your to do list! Great job!

I’d love to chat with you this summer to see how Pop Color Events can help you with your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah planning! Contact me for a free consultation.