What’s most important at your Mitzvah party?

What is most important in planning your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah party? No matter what happens, your family and friends will make it special! | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

You’re going to be making a lot of decisions when it comes to your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah party, everything from what song should play during their entrance to the color of the napkins. And here’s the biggest secret of all– most of it doesn’t really matter at all to your guests, so you don’t need to sweat those small details. Seriously.

Yes, your guests want to have a good time. Yes, you want to make sure that they’re taken care of. But, your guests will never know the option you didn’t choose. They’ll never know if your Mitzvah party goes off schedule. They’ll never know if the MC played the wrong song or if the caterer forgot to put out menu signs or if the photobooth operator didn’t put the logo on the photos.

In the grand scheme of things, those little details are not important. As a planner, I do my very best to cover every contingency, to plan every detail, to understand your every preference and to communicate that to your vendors. There are so many moving pieces that sometimes one doesn’t go just right, but the party will keep rolling along. And despite our careful planning, something will probably go wrong. It will likely be something minor that only you and I will notice since we are so invested in the planning.

It’s hard to let go, but it’s so important to remember that this day is about being surrounded by your family and friends and all of the people who love you and your child. There are so few times to gather for a real celebration that focusing on the minor blips will take your enjoyment away from your guests. And your guests won’t realize that anything ever went wrong or that something was supposed to be different than what they experienced.

So relax, enjoy the party that you’ve worked so hard to plan and don’t worry about it. Focus on what is really important–the people you’re celebrating with!