Mitzvah Slideshow vs. Mitzvah Montage

What is a Mitzvah montage and a Mitzvah slideshow? When/where should you use each? Advice about using photo and video at your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah. | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

Incorporating photos of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child is becoming more and more popular, with good reason! You’re celebrating your child’s transition from childhood to Jewish adulthood, which is an amazing time to look at how far he or she has come. Two popular ways to do this are a slideshow or a montage:

What is a Mitzvah slideshow?

A slideshow is a continuous loop of photos only. It does not have sound, as it is intended to be part of the background, not the main event. Because it plays continuously it does not matter how long it is and can include as many photos as you’d like. This is an easy DIY project with a variety of online programs like Animoto or Smilebox or Powerpoint.

When/where do you show a Mitzvah slideshow?

Depending on your event venue or set up, a Mitzvah slideshow can be displayed in a variety of different ways: on freestanding or attached TVs (either provided by the venue or your DJ package), on an iPad or laptop or with a projector and screen. It can be shown only during the cocktail hour or throughout the party so people and watch all or part of it at their leisure.

What is a Mitzvah montage?

A Mitzvah montage can contain both photos and video, along with music and other graphics. Because it is a little more complex, it is a more advanced DIY option. If it is too complicated for you to do yourself on iMovie or a similar program, there are a ton of fabulous vendors who will create an amazing look back at the life of your child. Some DJs or photographer/videographers also offer this as an add-on service. In order to keep your guest’s attention, it should be 8-10 minutes long which is approximately 120 to 180 photos.

When/where do you show a Mitzvah montage?

Since it contains sound, a montage needs to be a break in the action at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah party. Toward the end of dinner or dessert are great times to show the montage, so you still have plenty of time for dancing or ask your MC about their preference. Often your venue or DJ can provide the screen or TVs to view the montage, but be sure to mention this to them early in the process!

Still want photos, but not techy?

Here are some other options to include photos of your child that do not require a TV or projector:

  • A table with photos in frames. A gift table or escort card table can do double duty here.
  • As table numbers. Put a photo of your child at age 1 at table #1, at age 2 at table #2 and so on (works well if you have 13 tables!).
  • As decor. Blow up photos of your child through the years, or from a pre-Mitzvah photo shoot and display them on lamp shades, as floating posters or as a sign in board or book.

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