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Mitzvah Trivia Dance Floor Game

Tweens love Mitzvah games and an all-time favorite is Mitzvah trivia about the guest of honor. No one knows more about him or her than you, so your MC will probably ask you in advance to come up with some questions. I recommend having Mitzvah trivia questions broken up into easy questions, medium questions, hard questions and super hard questions. It will make the game more exciting! The easy ones should be things that almost all of the guests will know at the super hard questions are ones that almost all of the guests will have to guess. You’ll also need to give answers–both a correct answer and an incorrect one.

Below are lots of examples of questions, but feel free to come up with your own too! For inspiration, think about what’s ___’s favorite ___ is or how old was ___ when ___?

Easy Mitzvah Trivia Questions

  1. What grade is ___ in?
  2. What school does ___ go to?
  3. How many siblings does ___ have?
  4. What color are ___’s eyes?
  5. What camp does ___ attend?

Medium Mitzvah Trivia Questions

  1. What is ___’s middle name?
  2. What is ___’s favorite subject?
  3. What is ___’s favorite food?
  4. What pet does ___ have?
  5. What month was ___ born in?
  6. What is ___’s favorite sports team?
  7. Who is ___’s favorite athlete
  8. Who is ___’s favorite band?
  9. What is ___’s favorite movie?
  10. What is ___’s favorite tv show?
  11. Where is ___’s favorite place to shop
  12. What is ___’s favorite ice cream flavor?
  13. What is ___’s favorite beverage?
  14. What is ___’s favorite video game?
  15. What is ___’s pet’s name?
  16. Where did ___ go to elementary school?
  17. Who was ___’s 4th grade teacher?
  18. What is ___’s favorite subject in school?
  19. What is ___’s favorite restaurant?
  20. What is ___’s favorite color?
  21. What is ___’s favorite school subject?

Hard Mitzvah Trivia Questions

  1. Where was ___ born?
  2. How old was ___ when his/her sibling was born?
  3. Where did ___ last vacation?
  4. What color is ___’s bedroom walls?
  5. What street does ___ live on?
  6. What is ___’s shoe size?
  7. How many first cousins does ___ have?

Super Hard Mitzvah Trivia Questions

  1. How many states has ___ visited?
  2. How much did ___ weigh at birth?

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