Mitzvah Favors, Prizes or Giveaways

What are Mitzvah favors, prizes and giveaways? Which do you need and what's the difference? | Pop Color Events | Adding a Pop of Color to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in DC, MD & VA

I’ve noticed that parents have a bit of confusion between Mitzvah favors, prizes and giveaways and which they should have for their event. I want to make sure we’re all speaking the same language, so here’s what your planner or DJ mean when we use the following terms:

Mitzvah Favors

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A Mitzvah favor is something that either all of the kids or everyone gets, regardless of whether or not they’re on the dance floor. Popular items are t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, drawstring book bags or water bottles. Generally, these items are imprinted with the Mitzvah child’s name and the event date. Depending on the item, sometimes families opt just to give them to the kids, not the adults. However, this is a total personal preference thing. Items can be elaborate, from multiple colors and several items, or simple, small and just one color imprint.

Mitzvah Prizes

Mitzvah prizes are items that can be won on the dance floor. These are items like gift cards, giant candy bars or other items that offer incentives for kids to get competitive. When something fun or of value are on the line, some kids are more likely to get onto the dance floor for fun games.

Mitzvah Giveaways

Mitzvah giveaways are for everyone on the dance floor–adults or kids. These are the silly items that make your pictures lots of fun–hats, sunglasses, glow necklaces, LED wands, etc. Your MC/DJ will make sure that these get distributed at the right time to keep the energy on the dance floor high! Often these are included in DJ packages or they can be added on for a small fee.

Which do I need?

Since all of these items serve a different purpose, I’d recommend having all 3. If cost is an issue, you can always opt for lower priced options. There is definitely something out there in every budget.

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